That's us!

We are Markus and Saskia Franken, father and daughter, a solid team with a clear vision and lots of enthusiasm for what we do. This passion is reflected in the high quality of our products. At our furniture agency based in Oleśnica in Lower Silesia, Poland, we mull over ideas, develop products from scratch and develop existing products further on a continual basis.

  • Our mission?

    To create products that make the lives of disabled people easier and that can also be incorporated seamlessly into everyday life without standing out from the surroundings. Our stand-up aid products are deliberately designed in such a way that they can be combined with each other, with or without the 2liftu function, and can be ordered from us. Imagine four beautiful chairs surrounding your dining table. Comfortable, convenient and with a stylish design. And it’s hard to believe, but one of the four chairs has an inconspicuous hidden assist function. We want our products to offer normality and relief. But beauty too is not neglected. And the best part? With the stand-up aid we can help not only persons with limited mobility. Caregivers too are given help.

  • Our vision?

  • Our values?

    Providing beautiful seating furniture with the 2liftu stand-up aid to people all over the world. As a manufacturing company, however, we are also aware of our responsibility towards the environment. We are therefore planning to open additional production facilities overseas in the medium term. In this way we will create jobs, keep our transport routes short and be able to use local raw materials.

These are the pillars on which our company rests:

  • Teamwork

    What is a company without people? Unimaginable. People are important! This is something of which we are well aware and because ambitious goals can not only be set but also achieved through good teamwork, we always strive for a good working atmosphere based on respect and friendliness.


    As a company, we bear responsibility. Responsibility for our employees, who should feel appreciated and respected, for our customers, who deserve a well-designed and safe product, and also for the environment, without which our future would simply not be possible. This responsibility is like a promise that should be borne in mind at every moment and when making every decision.


    Honesty is our way. We are convinced that we achieve our goals better with openness, respect and reliability, and that it is precisely this integrity that not only benefits us as human beings but also gives our products something very special.


    Progress is essential. We want to get the best out of our ideas and products. We therefore continue to optimise and develop them (and ourselves) and we remain open to new ways and possibilities. Because it is precisely this openness that allows us to also live and experience innovation over the long term.


    Good by conviction. This starts with our working place, which should be clean and safe. It continues with the qualifications and continuing training of our employees, as a prerequisite and guarantor for competence and quality, and does not end e.g. with the responsible use of our resources. In order to guarantee you the best quality possible, we regularly give extensive thought to new ways and means and never stop doing so.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT – Good from experience.

Our 30 years of experience in the upholstery and seating furniture industry is incorporated into the development of our products. Our experience includes carpentry and upholstery apprenticeships, managerial positions with up to 500 employees, the setting-up of multiple production sites for Belgium’s largest furniture manufacturer, “certified Kaizen manager” (total quality management) training and the restructuring of the production sites of traditional craft businesses for modern lean industrial manufacturing. On the personal level, the benefits of what we do mean a lot to us. We do not want to design just any kind of chairs and armchairs. We want to make an important contribution to disability equality in terms of comfort in the home and to more disability access in everyday life.


Gathered behind us is a competent and strong team and a network of dealers and manufacturers that extends beyond Europe to Asia and Australia. We intend to expand this network even further and very much hope that you will accompany and support us on this path.
We can advise you in at least four languages, including German, French, Polish and English. We warmly welcome you here at 2LIFTU.